Monday, November 21, 2016

Queerbaiting in Cursed Child, Part 2

Last month, I posted about queerbaiting in Cursed Child. At the time, I hadn't planned to make an entire post about the subject again. I really hadn't, but then I started seeing posts on Tumblr from people who were seeing the play.

Most of this is going to focus on secondhand accounts of what people saw in the play. I can't claim that I can back up their observations or that other people watching the same performance wouldn't have entirely different interpretations of what they saw. Still, I want to talk about what people are saying about Tom's (Albus) and Anthony's (Scorpius) performances.

Many fans are excited because the actors seem to be playing up the idea that Albus and Scorpius are actually in love with each other more and more. This makes me a little uncomfortable because it seems to be far more blatant queerbaiting than before. While I understand why Scorbus shippers are excited about it, I'm concerned that it may be worse than if that weren't the case.

The more that the performance makes it seem even more like Scorbus are in love with each other, the more blatant the problems with Cursed Child become and the more unrealistic the idea that Scorpius likes Rose (a storyline which is still in the play) is.

Maybe good can come from that in that maybe more people will see these problems. As you have to actually see the play performed, however, I'm not sure that will be the case, especially as there's no way to affirming that other actors would do the same with the same roles.

For now, I'm watching it all play out through the Internet and feeling conflicted. Do I want more evidence for Scorbus? Yes, in a way. But I don't want more queerbaiting, and I don't want false evidence for Scorbus, which is what this feels like. I just hate this entire situation.

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