Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Life Post: College is Over and Fish Update

I am completely done with college. As in, I've graduated and moved out of a dorm for the last time, and I have no idea when I'll step foot on that campus again. (Presumably the actual graduation ceremony in the spring if I attend it.) It's all very strange, which I've already touched on in past posts. In fact, I think I've talked about this enough that I shouldn't bother anymore. There's no doubt though that it feels strange. I don't quite know what to do with myself.

Of course, it's also exciting, but it's exciting in a way that's equally terrifying. For the most part, I've been trying not to think about how it feels at all.

In other news, I think my fish is doing better. He's started eating again. He's eaten all of the food I've given him for nearly a week now, which seems promising. The fungus did go away and then come back, but it seems to be going away once again. He's also been more active than he was for a while. I'm hoping those are all good signs and that his fins will begin to grow back as well. I'm feeling a lot more optimistic about it than I was the last time I posted.

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