Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Life Post: Nursing a Fish Back to Health

I haven't written one of these posts in a while not because I don't have time but because I'm not entirely sure what to say. I feel like I'm living in some strange sort of limbo. As of right now, I have finished my college education, but I'm still living on campus until next week. It's weird walking around campus during classes again (since I was student teaching during the day all semester) and knowing that, if I ever do that again, it'll be a long time from now.

I've been a student for more than a decade and a half, so I still don't quite know how to not be one. The fact that I'm still here just makes it weirder, but I'm trying to soak it all in and take my few remaining days of still being considered a student.

Also, I'm trying to use up my meal plan money, so the amount of Starbucks I've consumed over the last week is absolutely ridiculous.

Remember that pet fish I now possess? He has fin rot, and all the signs indicate that it's made its way inside of him by now. He had it when I got him, but I didn't know the signs of it until I noticed strange behaviors. (Pro tip if you're buying a betta fish: know the signs of fin rot.) I've done what my research on it said that I should do, but I'm not sure if it's working. It's been days since he's eaten despite my best attempts. He's also had stress stripes for about a week now (since he stopped eating). He's still alert, coming to the side of the tank whenever I get close to him, which is supposed to be a good sign.

I'm hoping for the best, but I don't know at this point. Since I don't have student teaching anymore, I have to admit that trying to nurse this fish back to health has been taking up a lot of my past week, which only makes it more frustrating that I'm not sure if it's working. At the very least, he no longer has fungus growing on his fins, so I figure he has to be better than he was before. Perhaps I'm just too impatient and he really is on the road to getting better. We'll see.

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