Sunday, January 29, 2017

Incorporated Review: 1x06 "Sweating the Assets"

Wow. This episode was intense. So intense that there were quite a few times where I had to look away while gory things were happening on screen. I know I bring this up a lot with this show, but as someone with a blood phobia, parts of this episode were impossible to watch. While this episode was difficult for me, I'm very happy we got to see what happened to Laura. I didn't expect to get an entire flashback episode about her. I figured that we'd learn what happened to her but that it would primarily be second-hand, with her explaining it to someone or something like that.

So I suppose that we've now got all of Ben's backstory up to joining the company, and we've got Laura's backstory. While Laura's was told over a shorter time frame than Ben's, I'm glad that we got to see both sides of their stories. I'm very fascinated with Laura as a character. I can't wait to see where she goes since she's grown up behind the wall and only has horrific memories of the red zone. I'm glad that now we have even more context for how she views the red zone.

I mentioned in my last review how Julian and Laura's friendship was interesting to me, and now I'm even more intrigued that the first time they met was him saving Laura's life. That creates some interesting dynamics between them.

This episode also allowed us to see more of Spiga's cruelty with them killing everyone who can tarnish their reputation, even the family members of their employees.

(Also, who else is very curious about what actually happened to Laura's father? I definitely am. I'm thinking that he had to 'betray' Spiga somehow. Maybe he tried to bring down the company.)

The characterization of Laura's kidnappers was interesting. You can see that they're desperate, and the fact that they were a family, complete with a mother and nephew, was an interesting set of dynamics to create. They had humanity in them even if that doesn't justify their actions.

Now that Laura's out in the red zone, I can't wait to see what happens to her or if anything does at all. For all we know the next episode could open with her back in the green zone, but I'm hoping that we get to see more of what happens to her while she's removing the girl's appendix.

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