Monday, January 16, 2017

Life Post: First of 2017

We're more than two weeks into January, and I haven't written a life post this year. There are several different reasons for that, and this one is probably going to be short.

It doesn't feel like we're two weeks into 2017. My allergies have been extremely bad recently. Enough that I've gotten nauseous twice over the past several weeks and, well... Plus I've been getting headaches almost every single day. No medicine I take actually seems to help, so the past couple of weeks haven't been the greatest based on that alone. But then you add in what the news has been like and various other things that have happened and 2017 hasn't really gotten off to the best start.

That's mostly why I haven't written one of these posts. This one's already all negativity and no positivity, and I didn't want that. I also didn't want to just keep on going on forever without a post.

Here's hoping my allergies decide they're ready to calm down sometime soon. I think there's a better chance of that happening than anything else I'm hoping for, but we'll see.

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