Monday, January 30, 2017

Naruto Shippuden Review: Episodes 371-375

This review will be a short one as the bulk of these five episodes was fighting. I've enjoyed them, but it doesn't leave me much to comment on.

I admit to having mixed feelings about Team 7's reunion. The scene between Sai and Sakura nearly broke my heart. I'm with Sai on not trusting Sasuke, and the fact that Naruto and Sakura so easily welcome him back as an ally makes me uneasy. I do understand it from a psychological standpoint–it's what I expected from them–but even with the knowledge from spoilers that I have, I don't like it.

Speaking of Sai, I felt bad for him when all of the teams were having their moments, Team 7 especially, and Sai was all by himself. We haven't gotten much of Sai recently, and he's one of my favorite characters. I feel like he gets the short end of the stick at times.

Since I don't have that many spoilers about what happens next (most of what I know happens further on), I'm curious to see how the next several episodes are going to play out.

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