Monday, January 30, 2017

Shadowhunters Review: 2x02: "A Door into the Dark"

The show this season is doing a lot with the prejudices of the Shadowhunters against the Downworlders. While that's an aspect of the books, the show seems to be running with it, and I'm excited to see what they have in store.

The scene where Clary is under a spell had me uncomfortable because, even though I figured there was a spell or something similar involved, those weren't the sort of things you wanted Clary to be saying. I'm glad that she managed to get to Jace and tell him that was a spell, but I'm wondering how much Valentine has managed to make Jace doubt at this point. I fully expect him to still be questioning everything and not be sure of who to trust.

We get more information in this episode about Valentine experimenting with demon blood and the baby, and Jocelyn shares a flashback with Clary of when Jonathan was a baby and killed a flower, complete with entirely black eyes. I don't want to dwell on this for too long because I feel like I'll only begin to talk about spoilers from the book, and I don't think it's relevant to this particular episode. If I don't bring up Jace having demon blood for a while in my reviews, it's probably because I'm avoiding discussing the events of the books.

I appreciated how much interaction we got between Izzy and Alec in this episode. While I feel bad for Clary having to stay behind, I appreciate the scenes that were focused on the Lightwood siblings. They did a great job of portraying their relationship, just like always.

Ever since we got a little bit of information about it, I have been dying to see the Simon and Magnus parts of this season, and I wasn't disappointed in this episode. The dynamics between the two of them are fantastic. When Simon referred to Magnus as being his "Downworld sponsor" I was probably as excited as Simon was. I'm hoping we get a lot more of the two of them this season even if the other characters are around as well. I'd love to see them become closer friends. I think their personalities work well together on screen, especially to provide light-hearted moments.

Clary goes through a hard time in this episode, not feeling like she fits in with the Shadow World. I appreciate that the show has done this. Suddenly finding out you're not human is going to be emotionally difficult, and it would be unrealistic if that was never addressed. While it somewhat feels like it came too late considering this is season two, I have to remind myself of the actual time frame of the show. With that in mind, this episode was probably spot on when it comes to when Clary would begin to have these feelings. Her mom's awake, taking away one preoccupation, and now she can't go out, leaving her with more time to dwell on what's bothering her.

Dot still being alive was talked about within the fandom, so I don't think anyone was particularly surprised to see her. I am glad that she's still around, though I do wonder about her fate after the end of this episode. Things can only get worse for her.

I have to say that I'm almost surprised at how quickly things with Jace seem to be moving. I thought it would take longer before any of the other main characters managed to get close to him. I like it so far though, and I can't wait for the next episode to see what happens.

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