Monday, February 27, 2017

Reign Review: 4x02 "A Grain of Deception"

One thing I'll currently give Reign: I'm liking season four heaps and bounds more than I liked season three. That being said, we're only two episodes in, so I shouldn't get too excited. My current satisfaction with it also likely has a lot to do with lowered expectations after last season.

There are still plenty of things the show is doing that I don't like, though I've accepted that that's going to be the case. In this episode, for example, Greer is packing up to leave, which is unsurprising. Even after last episode, I didn't have high hopes that she would stick around after all of the show's efforts to isolate Mary from every other female character. I went on and on about how angry that made me feel last season, so I won't say all of that again.

That being said, I liked most of this episode. Elizabeth's storyline is probably my favorite at this point. I enjoy seeing what's happening in England. I really want to see her successfully one up John Knox though.

Mary's conflict with James has also been handled rather well. I enjoy watching them try to trust each other but struggle with it.

It's France, I think, that's the weakest link, which is more or less what I expected after the first episode. While I don't want Spain to take over because of my attachment to the characters, I'm not wrapped up in the storyline like I perhaps should be.

As far as Charles is concerned, I'm confused more than anything. I have no idea what's up with him.

So I guess that I'm not entirely thrilled with this episode, but I wasn't expecting that from Reign this season anyway. I still think they're doing a better job with this season than they did the last one, so I hope that that at least will remain the case.

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