Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Shadowhunters Review: 2x05 "Dust and Shadows"

I have a lot of mixed feelings about this episode. So mixed that I've stalled writing this review for as long as I can. I just don't know what I want to say. I didn't hate this episode, but it's not what I had hoped to see following the previous week's episode. On top of that, it didn't manage to draw me in. I'd say that this was my least favorite episode so far this season.

While I get that Clary is in mourning and desperate, I don't like how the story of trying to raise her mom from the dead was handled. Clary bringing up the possibility and arguing for it was fine. I get it. My main frustration is how the show decided to play it out.

If I try to think of what I would have preferred to see, it would be entirely different. Perhaps Clary could have brought up the topic of bringing her mom back but this could have led to an episode that focused on the other characters supporting her (Luke in particular) instead of her seeking out a warlock to raise her mother from the dead.

Luke is lagely absent in this episode, which was by far my least favorite part. We could have had an entire episode focused on Luke, Clary, and even Simon and Jace and how they're all grieving. Doing something like that while incorporating Clary's desire to bring her mother back (without her actually going through with it) would have been a much better approach in my opinion.

On top of all of that, I'm not a huge fan of the near rape scene when it felt unnecessary, though I appreciate that Clary saved herself instead of being saved by Jace.

As soon as Aldertree handed Izzy the ointment it seemed like they were going for a drug addiction storyline, and I was confused as to why. What purpose is it serving? Aside from the problematic aspects of it, I don't understand it from a story-telling standpoint either.

The only reason for it that I can fathom is that, if Aldertree is Sebastian as some fans have speculated he is, getting Izzy addicted to drugs is a good way to show he's bad news, but there are a million other ways that could have been better.

After all that negativity, I'll throw out some of the things I did like:
  • Magnus opening up to Clary and Simon about his mom. I like this for several reasons: We got to learn more about Magnus's past, and it shows that he has placed trust in Clary and Simon, as I don't believe those were details of his life that he would have shared with just anyone.
  • Alec and that warlock child were adorable. Him complimenting her gills was such a sweet little moment.
  • Alec's face when Iris referred to him as Clary's boyfriend.
  • I mentioned in an earlier review that I hoped to see Simon tell his mother that he's a vampire.
Overall, despite the tone of this post, I wouldn't say this was an episode I hated. It was, however, one I wasn't thrilled about, and my problems with it outweigh what I loved about it. 

Fingers crossed we get more of Luke in the next episode.

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