Monday, March 20, 2017

Parks and Recreation Review: 1x04 "Boys' Club"

Andy trying to clean the house for Ann might be the first time I've felt anything at all positive towards him. I wouldn't say I hate him as a character, but I feel rather indifferent right now. I definitely don't like him, but it was nice to see him actually doing something for once. Or trying to, at least.

I enjoyed the story about the gift basket, though I had to roll my eyes at how quickly Leslie cracked on that one.

While I get April being young enough to not fully grasp the consequences of her actions, everyone else finding that video so funny was lost on me. For one thing, they're older, but I also just feel like any possible humor that video had went over my head. A teenager doing that and finding amusement doesn't surprise me, but it's not something I'd find amusement in. (Actually, I personally probably never would have to be honest.) I'd imagine most adults wouldn't either, but maybe I'm just weird.

My favorite aspect of this episode was probably Ron helping Leslie out during the hearing. I like how their friendship is being developed and how, despite what he says, Ron does seem to do kind things every now and then.

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