Sunday, March 5, 2017

Race to the Edge Review: 4x02 "Gruff Around the Edges"

The twins are fun characters who I enjoy, but this was one of my favorite episodes of the season, which I never would have expected from a twins-centered episode. Part of the reason for that is the twins' humor.

I also loved how this episode showcased some of the relationships between the characters. This might have been one of the deepest looks we've gotten at the twins' relationship, and I aww'ed when Hiccup referred to Tuffnut as one of his best friends. Tuffnut being surprised by that was also a nice moment. Stuff like this also always makes me sentimental, so I couldn't help but think back on the first movie and how things have changed.

The chicken needs recognition in this episode too. I love that it was the chicken going around and warning all of the dragons what Gruffnut was up to. A chicken was seriously one of the biggest foils of his plans. It was great.

I wonder if we'll ever be seeing Gruffnut again or if he's destined to be gone for good. I don't think I'd mind another appearance, primarily because I now associate him with a really good episode.

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