Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Naruto Shippuden Review: Episodes 381-385

History within fictional worlds is often fascinating to me. That's why I loved learning that the Ten Tails was actually the source of all the world's chakra.

It gives us a reason for the tailed beasts' existence, but even more than that, it explains why they're important to the world despite being presented as monsters earlier in the series. We've seen the monster thing turning around thanks to Naruto, and I think this furthers it.

I'm also struck by how much the story of the woman eating the fruit from the tree reminds me of the fall in the Bible. If there's a similar story in Japanese mythology, then I wasn't able to find anything about it. (I did look after watching that episode.) I really do wonder where the inspiration for that came from. I don't necessarily believe it came from the Bible, but the parallels caught my attention.

Madara's statement that the Shinju would bloom within fifteen minutes doesn't feel all that accurate while watching the episodes, but that's to be expected with Naruto.

As I said before, I enjoy learning about the history of the world, so I liked getting another peek at Hashirama's past. This flashback made him seem even more like Naruto, which is a parallel that I appreciate, and I liked seeing the Kage coming together for the first time, especially when we've been seeing the present Kage fighting together as well.

To a certain extent, Naruto actively seeking out the "good" in everyone he fights can be a little annoying to watch play out again and again, but I also believe that it's a crucial character trait of his that I have to accept, if not embrace.

I liked what Naruto and Obito said to each other in 385 and how their outlooks were compared, with Obito believing he was doing what a Hokage would do and Naruto insisting that he was taking everyone's freewill away and would therefore never be accepted.

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