Thursday, May 4, 2017

Parks and Recreation Review: 1x06 "Rock Show"

I can now say that I'm on season two of Parks and Rec, even if season one was only six episodes long.

At the end of season one, I can say that I'm not a fan of Andy. He annoys me. I'm hoping that he becomes a more complex character over time. Most of the characters are pretty shallow at the end of the season one, and considering it's only six episodes so far, that's not surprising. Right now, though, I'd label Andy as the most annoying.

Leslie's business meeting/date was one of the most awkward things. If I were Leslie, I feel as if I would no longer be on speaking terms with her mom. Essentially everything she does is something that I feel like Leslie should get far angrier about than she does, especially considering how frequently these things happen.

We meet Tom's wife Wendy, who comes out of nowhere, in this episode. While looking at the episode synopsis and such to help jog my memory, I noticed that Jama Williamson, who plays Wendy, was born in Evansville, which got me very excited since I'm from the same area of Indiana. (We don't have that many notable people from around here.) I've also read enough to know that she shows up again, and I'm excited about it for that reason alone.

I did wonder how much the story of the pit would carry over into season two because I thought the show might diverge into something else entirely, but it seems, at the very least, that the pit story will be continuing.

While I am enjoying the show so far, I am hoping to get a bit more depth from the characters over the course of season two, especially since it's longer. I think that would help me get into it more.

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