Friday, May 12, 2017

Parks and Recreation Review: 2x03 "Beauty Pageant"

I have to admire Leslie's determination to pick a winner of the beauty pageant based on more than looks even if it makes her look foolish, or downright stupid, in the eyes of everyone else. I was hoping that she would win in the end, but of course, that's not what happens.

Watching the support for Trish as she answered the question about improving America was extremely frustrating to watch.

So far, I like Dave. Him not recognizing any of the female politicians in Leslie's office and then memorizing them impress her was a nice touch to the episode and makes me want to root for him.

Ann had to discover that Andy was living in the pit at some point, though it's unfortunate that it happens during a date. I admire Mark for wanting Andy to come inside to get out of the rain despite it being in the middle of a date.

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