Sunday, May 7, 2017

Reign Review: 4x06 "Love & Death"

Between knowing about the historical Darnley and maybe it was his behavior on the show, I did not like the romance that was happening between Mary and Darnley in this episode. There have been couples I don't particularly care for in the past, but as far as Mary goes, I don't think I've actively disliked one of her love interests so much before (not really liked, yes, but not disliked like I do Darnley).

Admittedly, as I write this review, I'm further than this episode, so I know some more. Still, while watching, I was very off put by it all because Darnley isn't easy to trust.

Darnley also seems like a terrible potential king. He likes showing off and impressing others more than anything, which leads him to not think about possible consequences and what would be the best option. One thing that irked me about his safe house being found is that it made him seem like he was right when in reality is own idea of staying at the party would have gone rather badly as well.

I see him acting the same way as king, getting offended and immediately doing something stupid to "prove" himself without thinking through any consequences. I don't see that ever changing, and I can easily imagine Mary having to deal with a bunch of trouble that Darnley's caused.

Leith being tempted to almost kill Luc had me very nervous. I don't know how I would have coped if Leith had gone there, but of course, this is Leith, so he saves Luc's life after all. I loved this largely because I did get legitimately worried that he would do it, and it was such a nice pay off when he didn't.

While I completely get why Leith would ask for land so that he can leave, I hope this isn't the end of Leith on the show. He's been through so much, and I'm still hoping for some sort of happy ending for him. Him disappearing after all of this wouldn't be satisfying to me.

The scenes with Elizabeth, Gideon, and Agatha are very upsetting, but I like getting to see Elizabeth connect with the little girl.

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