Monday, May 15, 2017

Reign Review: 4x08 "Uncharted Waters"

I could complain for a long time about how ill-fit to be king Darnley is. If for that reason alone, Mary should rethink marrying him. I don't know how she plans to keep the country running smoothly with him around.

Lord Bothwell shows up again in this episode. Ugh. I really would have rathered Reign not have dealt with Bothwell at all, which would have been easy enough since this is the last season. As it is, I feel uneasy every time he's on screen.

Honestly, I get that Darnley would be upset about Kiera's death, but I don't like him blaming Mary for it. I would understand him directing his anger towards James (even if it was an accident), but blaming Mary, when she couldn't have known what was going on or that an accident like that would happen, seems cruel, especially to blow up at her like that, and I'm saying that as someone who's not particularly torn about about Darnley's threat about never being able to love Mary. Darnley just made me hate him more in that scene whereas, if the situation had been handled differently, I might have felt sorry for him.

I don't understand the point of the Hawkins story line. It shows England exploring the Americas, I know, but what point does that serve in the show? And I didn't like Hawkins either, but that's becoming a common refrain for me when Reign introduces a new character.

The best part of this episode by far was Mary and Catherine reuniting. I'm so glad we got that before the show ended, but since it happens at the very end of the episode, I'll wait until my review for that episode.

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