Monday, June 5, 2017

Armchair Book Expo 2017: Wrapping It Up

Yesterday marked the end of this year's Armchair Book Expo, when we were meant to post our wrap up posts. Instead, you're getting this on Monday, keeping with my inability to post anything on time for this year's event.

It was frustrating not to be able to participate more. Last year, I participated in just about every aspect of the event, from the Twitter chats to the Instagram challenge to getting blog posts up on time. This year, I managed to respond to daily topics (though late) and comment on some other posts, but that was it.

There isn't a specific reason for why I didn't get posts up on time if anyone's looking for one. I had actually written all of the posts except this one ahead of time, but I like to look over posts and edit them before posting. That's what didn't happen on time. (I also ended up deleting a lot of what I said in some posts to shorten editing time. Otherwise, I probably would have had more to say.) There's been a lot going on lately, including three doctor's appointments in one day on the second day of this event, and I just didn't have the time to participate to the extent that I would have liked to.

Next year, I hope, will go better for me. I'm still glad that I participated in whatever way I was able to.

If you'd like to check out my other Armchair Book Expo posts from this year. Here they are:

If you participated in Armchair Book Expo this year, I'd love to hear about your thoughts on the event in the comments. Do you plan to participate next year (whether you did or did not this year)?


  1. Sorry that you weren't able to participate as much as you would have liked, but at least you got to play a little! Doctors appointments take up an unbelievable amount of time, don't they? I joined at the last minute and missed most of the chats, but had fun and am already looking forward to next year!

    Terri @ Alexia's Books and Such

  2. Bummer you weren't able to participate more, Haley, but we're glad you joined when you could. This was another fun event and like you, I hope next year we'll have more fun/time to join in. I put all mine together on a whim because I didn't realize how close the event was, so yeah, next year my goal will be better organization. :)