Sunday, September 10, 2017

Television Review: Shadowhunters 2x11 "Mea Maxima Culpa"

Note: Cheers to posting this months after writing it. I'll get the others I have stored away up as soon as I can.

The Shadowhunters season two mid-season break went by faster than season breaks typically seem to. I guess I can attribute that to having plenty of other things occupying my mind since we last got a new Shadowhunters episode. That doesn't mean I wasn't excited for the show to finally start again.

I'll start off talking about Sebastian, since I was anxious to see how he'd be portrayed on the show. Even before he was cast, I was a bit nervous about what they'd do with him. There's definitely a right way and a wrong way to go with him, and there's really no way to tell what he'll be like after this one episode.

As I don't want to reveal any spoilers from the book series in this post, I find it difficult to talk about Sebastian because I can't help but compare him to the Sebastian from the books. There's one scene in the episode that makes it blatantly obvious that there's something more going on with Sebastian than what he tells Izzy, which seems quicker than he became suspicious in the books.

After what he tells Izzy in this episode, I do have some questions. Sebastian tells her that he left the London Institute. Now, he either had to leave without telling anyone where he was going or they would know where he is. If it were the first, I would wonder if there were people looking for him. If it were the latter, you'd think the London Institute would have let the New York Institute know that Sebastian was coming to the city (even if he didn't plan to go directly to the Institute), and as Izzy is pretty well connected, I'd imagine she'd have known about his presence in New York. It's interesting to me that she doesn't question any of that, but I can also see how that could easily be attributed to what she's going through (and the fact that she really wants someone who understands her).

I'm surprised at how blatant Jace was about still having feelings for Clary when he talked to her about not being her brother. He didn't even try to pretend that he didn't, which is what I would have expected him to do considering the circumstances. I'm curious as to how the love triangle is going to play out because from here on out I think we're far away from how it played out in the books. I think we'll get the same endgame couples, but it seems like we'll get there in an different way.

I loved the scene where Alec finds Jace crying on the rooftop. It was emotional but such a nice moment at the same time.

Another smaller aspect of the episode that I enjoyed was the Simon and Maia reaction. I love their friendship and can't wait to see it develop more over the second half of the season. I have my fingers crossed for a lot more interaction between the two of them.

If I'm remembering correctly, Azazel is the first demon we've seen in human form since the pilot episode, which isn't important so much as something that I find interesting. This episode did a good job of showing why he's more terrifying than any of the demons we've seen so far too.

Before watching the episode, I'd already heard something about a body swap with Magnus, so I figured out what was happening with Azazel and Valentine rather quickly. I have to admit that body swap stories aren't usually my cup to tea, so I'm not super ecstatic about watching this play out.

I just hope that nothing horrible happens to Magnus and that Valentine doesn't wreak too much havoc before anyone knows what's going on.

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