Monday, May 28, 2018

Life Post: Fanfiction, Reviews, and Traveling

Long time no see. I shouldn't be surprised that it's been two months since I posted anything (and I'm really not). That's just the way life has become for me.

Actually, I have been incredibly productive when it comes to writing. It's just that none of that writing has been blog posts. If you follow my fanfiction, you'll know that I've been posting something or other nearly every other day, and I've really appreciated getting into fanfiction challenges. That's how I've been getting my creativity out recently.

As a consequence, though, I haven't been writing blog posts or making Youtube videos or even reading. That last one really throws me more than anything. How little I've been reading over the past month or so just really gets to me. I don't like it, so I'm going to have to work on that before I make too much of a commitment to post to the blog on a regular basis.

In other news, season 3A of Shadowhunters is over, and I still need to talk about season 2. And Race to the Edge is over, and I still have nearly two seasons to talk about. That has me hanging my head in shame. I'm still going to talk about all of those episodes because I love both shows and really do want to talk about them. Even if a lot of what I have to say has already been said over on Tumblr.

This is getting longer than intended (as is so often the case), so I should at least mention "real" life a bit. Not much has changed on that front. So much of my life is work now, and as a teacher, I don't want to talk too much about it for privacy reasons, which I've said before.

I did go to Nara recently over Golden Week, and it was such a nice trip. Nara's a lovely place, even if a deer did try to eat my shirt. It was a pretty quiet trip, so there's not a ton to share, but I enjoyed the peacefulness of it.

And in two weeks I'm going to Universal Japan, so I'll try to talk more about that after the trip. I'm looking forward to seeing Hogwarts again!