Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Shadowhunters Talk: 3x01 "On Infernal Ground"

I had forgotten how much happens in this episode until I rewatched it. Even after the time since I first watched it, I have a lot to say.

It’s hard to believe that we made it to season three before anyone bothered to give Clary the angelic power tune. Obviously there’s been a lot going on, but the realization that she didn’t have it yet was jarring.

Ollie is a complicated character for me because, while I like her overall, her inability to listen to people who know more about the situation than her gets annoying. I’m not sure how she makes it as a police officer if she’s always acting without caution. From a story standpoint, the things she’s working out for herself are usually things we already know, which makes watching her figure it out a little boring as a viewer.

Magnus no longer being High Warlock of Brooklyn broke my heart. Even though in the books we see Magnus before he gains the title (like in the Infernal Devices series), I always see him as the High Warlock of Brooklyn. That’s why I like the decision for him to lose the title. I think it’s an excellent way to explore what it means to Magnus. That being said, I want to see him regain it before the end of the show.

A nurse dies in this episode, which is the first of many similar deaths. Because of the scene in the hospital that comes before it, it was easy to connect this death with Lilith before it’s really shown.

Jace’s hallucinations break my heart a little. I can only imagine having vivid dreams of killing the person you love every time you go to sleep. Watching him become more and more sleep deprived and anxious throughout the first half of this season was hard to watch.

Raphael asking Magnus for a vampire tranquilizer for a new vampire set off immediate red flags for me as much as it did Magnus. Also, I was glad Magnus knew something was up and that this wasn’t one of those times where it’s clear to the viewer that something is up but all of the characters are oblivious to it.

The Seelies give Simon the Mark of Cain in this episode, which is a diversion from the book, but one I think it interesting. They seem to regard this as their duty towards a Daylighter, and that makes me wonder why. I hope that’s something that’s dealt with in the future and not just never brought up again or explored.

The first time around, I was excited to see Simon with the Mark. That was one of the big things from the book that I was waiting to see on the show, and it didn’t play out at all how I expected it to. I’m going to have a lot to say about the Mark as I talk about later episodes.

Alec, Izzy, and Jace visit Catarina at the hospital, and I love the idea of Alec knowing to go straight to Catarina to ask for information. I hope we see an even deeper friendship forming between the two of them in the future because the small moments we’ve gotten so far make me really happy. 

As the main Shadowhunters characters befriend more and more Downworlders, it’s becoming noticeably easier for them to collect information because they have those connections, and I love that. Though the show’s been canceled, leaving us without a season four, I’d love the idea of them winning out in the Clave in the long run because of those connections. Maybe we’ll still get to see that in a condensed way.

Izzy is attending meetings to help with her drug addiction, which was a nice detail for the show to include. I spoke out in the past that I didn’t support the decision to give Izzy a yin fin addiction, but it’s something they did anyway, and I’m glad they went on to show that recovery isn’t something that happens with a snap of the fingers, though it still happened a bit too easily in my opinion. 

My biggest complaint here is that we don’t actually get to see Izzy at these meetings and instead just hear about them. I would have preferred delving deeper into that for her than the doomed romance with the doctor we got instead. I think that would have been more significant for Izzy’s character development, and I think it would have better justified going with the addiction storyline in the first place.

Magnus telling Alec that he doesn't want him to move to Idris and Alec saying he's not going anywhere gave me all of the emotions. God, I loved that scene so much. The playful but casual way Alec repeated Magnus’ previous words to him was perfect. I loved everything about that scene, and I’m happy to end this post on that note.

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