Thursday, February 14, 2019

Life Post: That Sick Time of Year

Since my last post about getting sick, I’ve run out of cold medicine that the doctor gave me, and I’ve been reminded of how miserable this cold is. There’s less pain now but more of other, grosser things. At least we should be getting to the end of it all soon.

This week seems to be revolving around illness more than anything else. Everyone’s getting sick (whether it’s the flu or colds) or is scared of getting sick. There’s been a lot of checking on people to make sure they’re okay. Even if I don’t know if they’re sick, one of the first things I’ve been asking them is if they are.

This flu season is apparently pretty bad in Japan, and I easily believe it. Though, funnily enough, I just searched Google and saw one result saying this flu season was mild in the US because of how effective the vaccine is followed immediately by another that claimed this year’s flu shot is less than 50% effective. I didn’t bother to look into that further.

All I know is that I’m ready for spring.

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