Sunday, February 10, 2019

Race to the Edge Talk: 5x02 "Sandbusted"

Race to the Edge and the How to Train Your Dragon franchise as a whole isn't a stickler for historical accuracy, which is why I've always found it interesting that they chose to have Hiccup and Astrid betrothed so quickly (and to use the term 'betrothed'). Don't get me wrong, the Hiccstrid shipper in me loves it, but I also admit that it's a little strange to me that they'd make the decision in a show that's ultimately modern in many ways. Hiccup and Astrid are clearly going to be okay, but they are still teenagers. This seemed like a strange time to make something fit with the supposed time period.

But I'm a Hiccstrid shipper, so I admit to finding all of the Hiccstrid in this episode to be adorable. I had the initial surprised about talk of betrothal and then fawned over them for the rest of the episode. Seeing Astrid worked up about choosing the perfect gift for Hiccup was nice. Astrid isn't someone to wear her heart on her sleeve, though she's become more open about sharing her feelings as she's gotten older. (That sentence made me realize we've really seen these characters grow up in a way that's not very common in animated franchises like this.) I like having moments where we see how important Hiccup is to her.

All in all, despite not being the biggest fan of how becoming betrothed works in the How to Train Your Dragon universe, I liked the way the Hiccstrid was handled in this episode, and it stands out far more to me than any other aspect of the episode. I don't think that's just because I'm a Hiccstrid shipper either. It kind of demanded that it be the focus in this episode.

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