Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Shadowhunters Talk: 3x04 "Thy Soul Instructed"

This may be something I'm alone in, but I found it hard to believe that everyone was so convinced something was wrong with Jace beyond sleep deprivation.

Back in college, I remember my psychology professor telling us that the quickest way to have a mental breakdown was by not sleeping, and that moment pretty much solidified my intense need to always get enough sleep. So, when Alec tells Jace that there has to be more wrong besides Jace staying up practically all night every night, I had to disagree.

Obviously, we know that there is more going on because Lilith's controlling him, but without knowing that, it's completely believable that the sleep deprivation could be messing with his head that much. This was one of the moments where I wanted to reach through the screen and talk to the characters even though they were actually right (which kind of makes me more annoyed about it to be honest).

The mention that Morgan's cells have turned demonic  after being attacked was interesting to me. I'm not sure about the logic behind that, even within the magic system set up by the show. Is it because of how powerful Lilith is or something else?

Maia telling Luke off for abandoning Simon feels ironic considering what happens later in the show, but I loved how that scene played out regardless. Not that that's surprising since I tend to like any scene Maia's in.

Since it's revealed at the end of the episode that Kyle has an ulterior motive, I'm glad I can comment on this without it being a spoiler for future episodes: Was he just watching Simon all along waiting for the perfect time to nearly run him over with his bike? Because, if so, I have to laugh at that image. It was also an incredibly risky move considering that Simon has the Mark of Cain.

I also want to know how Kyle put together that perfect apartment so quickly. Something tells me that big arcade game should have been at least a little difficult to find.

Jace goes to Luke to ask him about Celine's mental illness. One thing I like about this scene is that it shows how much Jace has come to trust Luke. I know there are a number of reasons why he didn't want to talk about his fears with Alec, but the fact that he's willing to discuss it with Luke says a lot.

Magnus trying to make Alec eat and comforting him was such a sweet scene. I appreciated getting to see that. Even though it's in the context of a larger plot, the scene itself was just a quiet scene between them, which I enjoyed.

Heidi chaining up Raphael and leaving him out in the sun felt like a scene from a horror movie. These sorts of scenes are not my favorite part of the show. They make me feel anxious and not in a good way. I don't like watching people get tortured like that.

We get a cliffhanger in this episode with Lilith going to Magnus. I do remember that I was pretty worked up about it the first time I watched the episode, but now, of course, I know what happens next, so I'll stay quiet about it here until I talk about the next episode.

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