Sunday, July 28, 2019

Shadowhunters Talk: 3x07 "Salt in the Wound"

This episode begins with Maia finding Jordan in the apartment and revealing to Simon that he's the werewolf who changed her. I remember being relieved when this episode first aired because I could call him Jordan again. Before, I didn't want to spoil anything for people who hadn't read the books, but calling him Kyle also felt weird.

At the same time, it hurts seeing Maia have to deal with the guy who caused her so much pain again.

It struck me that Clary called Simon when she was horribly injured instead of calling Izzy or Alec or Magnus. Their friendship seems to have been put on the back burner with everything else going on, so I was glad to see her reaching out to him instead of anyone else.

Alec hugging Clary felt a little awkward to me. I'm all for Alec and Clary forming a stronger friendship, and I also get Alec being thankful that Clary saved his parabatai. At the same time, the hug felt strange and out of place. It was hard to believe that Alec would do something like that, even in such circumstances.

As I have a blood phobia, watching Lilith drain people's blood was probably the worst part of the episode for me.

It's revealed that Luke is the one who called the Praetor for Simon. I'm always up for Luke acting like a father to Simon. We even get a small detail about Luke bringing Simon to the station for Bring Your Child to Work Day. That warmed my heart.

Imogen got more character development in the show than she did in the books, and I admit that I have warmer feelings for her in the show because of it, particularly in this episode. If nothing else, I'm glad she cares enough about her grandson that she's willing to hide what's happened to him from Consul Penhallow to protect him.

Catarina and Magnus' friendship will always make me happy. I loved seeing her build up his confidence a bit.

Isabelle tells Clary that Jace has been a happier person since she joined them. To be honest, I don't get the impression that's the case from what we see on the show. We see flashbacks where he's happy with Alec and Izzy as a kid, and he hasn't seemed all that happy since Clary joined. That's mostly because of what's going on around them, but it still makes Izzy's words here feel straight up wrong to me. Jace seems the same he's always been if anything.

Overall, I supposed this episode was a mixed bag for me. Some of the story decisions were questionable, but there were a number of moments that I liked, particularly with Catarina and Magnus.

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