Sunday, December 15, 2019

Life Post: And More Stress

It's been one week since my last life post, and I hate that this is also going to be about how stressed I am. It's honestly unbelievable how much happened after I posted that last post.

More than half of our staff were gone for most of the week last week for different reasons, including the flu. While I'm very grateful to not have had the flu, that meant work was hectic, and as you can probably guess after my last post, I felt pretty run into the ground by the end of the week.

Today's my only day off before I leave for the United States for Christmas. Tomorrow, I have training for work followed by five days of work. A week from now, I leave for the US.

I've bought Christmas presents, including my secret Santa present for work, but none of them are wrapped yet. I also haven't packed, and my apartment is a complete mess after everything that's been happening recently. While I should probably be working on all of that right now instead of writing this post, I need a break from all of the cleaning I've been doing. I fully expect to be running around packing the night before I leave now, but maybe I can still get at least some of it done today. (Just please don't let me forget my passport or something else crucial.)

I don't know if the trip itself will help relieve my stress or just make things worse. I'm hoping it'll be the former, but considering I'm flying just a few days before Christmas, who knows. All I know right now is that I don't feel prepared at all.


  1. The holidays are so stressful! It's even worse that we're supposed to be having a jolly time. Should we just admit it's one of the most difficult times of the year?

    That aside, there can be wonderful trips, time with family, chances to give and to receive, and so on. I hope these can weigh out the stress for you.

  2. Ugh! I hear the stress AND in addition, it's so dark. All. The. Time. Hang in there!!!!