Sunday, December 1, 2019

Life Post: Welcome, December

By the end of November, it finally began to feel like fall, and there's no doubting that winter is coming now. This will be my third winter in Japan, and last winter happened to be unusually warm. This winter is shaping up to be colder than the last (more like my first winter in Japan), and while that's great in that this is more typical, I'm also not looking forward to it exactly.

Winter is always a weird time of year for me because, on one hand, I love wearing sweatshirts and wrapping up in blankets and drinking hot chocolate. But I like all of those things because I like being warm, and a lot of the time, I'm not warm in the winter. If I get to stay home huddled in a blanket, that's great, but actually being productive in the winter is difficult. Waking up in the morning is already a much longer process than it was a month ago because I have to convince myself that I can brave the cold. (My apartment's heater has a three hour time limit, so it shuts off during the night, leaving the apartment very cold come morning.)

Things are a bit hectic right now. I'm going home for Christmas, and it just hit me the other day how soon that is. I still need to buy Christmas presents, and I love packing to do. Cleaning my apartment before I leave would also be a good idea, but one that may not happen to the extent I'd like it to.

My goal for this winter is to stay positive even when the cold is getting to me though, so I'm excited for the weather and the holidays and everything else that winter brings. (If I say that enough, it'll be true.)

Maybe I'll be back with another one of these posts before I leave for the US, so I can update you on how much I'm actually getting done. We'll see. If not, I'll at least update you on the trip afterward.

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