Sunday, March 1, 2020

Life Post: Coronavirus in Japan

Anyone reading this will probably have some idea of what's been happening in Japan recently. There's been a spike in coronavirus cases, and people here are worried. It's a little surreal to have all of his happening around me.

The US has issued a travel warning for Japan and is telling anyone who comes to be cautious. I've received emails from the US Embassy warning me to register with them so they know my location in case US citizens are evacuated. It's one of the only things anyone is talking about.

We're not having kids classes at our school for two weeks after the Japanese government called for all elementary, junior high, and high school classes be closed for the month of March. We are still teaching adult classes, but I feel like everyone is on edge, and it makes me feel anxious too, even though I know there's no use worrying about it at this point.

This weekend I'm doing my best to just relax. I'm not going out except to go grocery shopping (and put something in the mail) because of how anxious everyone is, and the plan was to focus on just about anything except the virus. But that's not exactly what's happened. I guess there's still tomorrow.

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