Monday, July 13, 2020

Life Post: The New Normal (I Guess)

I hate how every time I write something here it's basically just an update on Covid-19, but that's really the only thing I've been paying much attention to other than reading and fanfiction. I've been avoiding going out as much as possible and all of that.

We've started getting cases here again after another (briefer) pause in any new ones. They're all still mostly coming from Tokyo or Osaka, so it doesn't seem to really be spreading around here (yet).

Work is full swing again, with all of our students coming to the school for in-person classes. This week I also taught on Sunday for some kids makeup lessons that they missed when we were closed. It's been nice to see all of them again, but it also means being busier.

I started reading a lot of books while we were closed, and I'm still reading most of them because I have less time now. One of them is a book club book, and I may not finish it before the book club finishes discussing it at the rate I'm going. Fingers crossed though.

That along with writing has been keeping me busy when I'm not at work. I have a fic due in a few days for a fanfiction competition I'm in, so that's definitely keeping me busy. Here's hoping I can also get more of that done before work tomorrow.

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