Sunday, February 21, 2021

Star Trek Discovery Review: 2x05 "Saints of Imperfection"

 At the start of this episode, the Discovery is chasing a ship that they believe has Spock on board. It turns out to actually be Georgiou/the Terran Emperor. Captain Pike doesn't know about the Discovery's trip to the Terran universe, so he's clueless as to who Georgiou really is, which added a bit of fun to their scenes together. The fact that Pike knew Georgiou in the past made it even better.

Georgiou being one of my favorite characters, I love getting to see her more in this season, and this episode does a great job of continuing to show that she's the perfect character for Section 31.

Leland and Pike also speak to each other for the first time in this episode, and I enjoy their dynamics was well. The two of them as individuals illustrate the tensions between Section 31 and Starfleet. Just like Georgiou, making them previous acquaintances was a good move storytelling-wise. It's a great rivalry.

Discovery makes a plan to go into the network to save Tilly. It's good that the storyline with Section 31 added a bit of comedy because the storyline about the network was emotionally heavy. You feel for the JahSepp having their home destroyed and all of them being killed, but once you learn the truth, of course you feel even more deeply for Doctor Culber, who's a character you've gotten to know.

It was a good look at how the way you view a situation can make a huge difference and how there isn’t always a clear cut villain in a situation. I did find it a bit odd that May never once mentioned to Tilly that the "monster" was a human even though she should have been able to tell after her time spent in Tilly’s head.

Stamets and Culber together was heart-breaking, especially when you briefly think that Culber won’t be able to make it back. Ressurecting dead characters can often be overdone, but this is a case where I appreciated it. Back when Culber died, I wasn’t thrilled about Discovery foraying into the Kill Your Gays trope. I don't know if they planned this all along or decided to do it later, but it does make me feel much better knowing that Star Trek's first same-sex couple gets a chance at a happy ending.

The Admiral arrives at the end of the episode to talk to Leland and Pike. She tells them that they have to find Spock together. This is exciting because I find the mystery of Spock to be the most interesting of the open storylines, and I'm excited to have the Section 31 characters stick around. (I've watched all of this season, so I know where it's going, but even re-watching, it's what I find most interesting.) I look forward to talking more about that as I keep re-watching.

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