Thursday, April 15, 2021

Star Trek: Discovery Review: 2x09 "Project Daedalus

This episode starts off with Admiral Cornwell arriving on the Discovery after coming in secret. She questions Spock, and the computer says that he's telling the truth despite video evidence of him committing murder. The computer tests they use here are interesting because current lie detector tests are so unreliable. I'm curious about how that computer program works.

Cornwell also tells them that a different admiral who's an extremist has locked her out of the system. That raises questions of how that admiral got her position in the first place if Cornwell seemed to really believe that she would do something like this, but I guess that's a story for another day.

We learn more about Airiam's past in this episode when we see her going through her memories and deciding what to keep and what to delete. Tilly walks in on her doing this, and we find out that Airiam was in a shuttle crash with her husband, which ultimately killed him. I definitely felt for her a lot when we learned that, and I feel like she had an even more interesting backstory if there'd been time to explore it.

Once they get to Section 31's headquarters, they realize that Admiral Patar is actually dead and Control has taken over. It's apparently Control who could possibly destroy all sentient life like in Spock's visions.

Michael is forced to kill Airiam, which is a powerful scene, though it does seem a little sudden to have such a powerful moment between them when we haven't seen them interact much before.

Before she dies, Airiam tells Michael to find Project Daedalus, which creates an even bigger mystery.

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