Monday, May 3, 2021

Shadowhunters Review: 3x19 "Aku Cinta Kamu"

 We begin to see the consequences of Asmodeus being loose in New York City right at the start of this episode. He finds Magnus and immediately gives him his magic back, insisting that he only wants to be there for his son. Luckily, Magnus doesn't fall for that and refuses to talk with Asmodeus further. It's clear that that's not going to be the end of things though.

And it's not Magnus remembers times with Alec throughout the episode, all of which are quite sad to watch back. He even destroys a lock that they'd placed together. It's interesting that we see Magnus suffering like this but not Alec. Alec is preoccupied with saving Clary, but even so, it's clear he is upset. We just don't get to see it in the same way.

Magnus also goes to Brother Zachariah, who I was so excited to see again! I really wish we'd gotten to see him on the show more. It's a shame.

Eventually, Magnus is so worn down and vulnerable that he gives into Asmodeus, and they share a scene that would be heartwarming if different people were involved but is instead very sad and worrying.

Jace decides that he's going to pretend to be with Clary and Jonathan in order to protect Clary. Every single scene with the three of them in this episode is painfully awkward to watch. Clary has become essentially an entirely different person in a way that strike me as odd and not necessarily fitting with the idea that the rune just made her want to protect Jonathan.

I feel for Jace here because the whole thing is just painful.

Despite everything happening with Clary, Jace still manages to make time to ask Alec what's up with him and Magnus, which is the closest thing to a real parabatai moment we've gotten between them for a while. I'm glad that he was willing to make sure Alec was okay when so much else was already going on. I just hate that Alec refuses to really open up to him about it despite that Jace is supposed to be one of the people he's closest to.

Simon and Izzy continue to be interrupted before anything major can happen between them. They have a few very cute scenes in this episode though, including one where Simon learns that Izzy watched Superman. I love seeing more of them together so much.

Another scene that I really loved was Raphael showing up to apologize to Maia and Jordan. (It was strange realizing that Jordan and Raphael hadn't met before this though!) It was a nice heartfelt scene.

However, after Jordan and Maia find out about the serum, they go straight to the Institute to ask about it. I completely get how there being only one vial could turn up a lot of conflicting feelings in Maia, Jordan, and other Downworlders, but I do think that having more of the serum would be very dangerous. We don't really know what they plan to do after this though, so I'll save talking more about it until the next episode.

At the end of the episode, Isabelle manages to forge a new Glorious, which will hopefully be able to separate Clary from Jonathan. But, once again, I'll save talking about that for the next episode!

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