Review Policy

Currently, I do not accept physical books for review. While I have in the past, living in Japan makes it nearly impossible as few people will want to ship a physical book here anyway. It's easier to make a blanket statement that I don't accept them.

At times, I do receive ebooks for review, but I do this entirely through Netgalley.

I do not accept books for review by email. This was a difficult decision to make but was a long time coming. While I have been happy to help authors, especially self-published authors, by reviewing their books, I do not like the personal nature of corresponding by email and then reviewing the book as it can become awkward if my reaction to the book is negative (and I've had a few uncomfortable interactions as a result). Because Netgalley creates a middle man of sorts, I feel more comfortable reviewing books received through that site.

This may change in the future but is my current policy.